Enhance your removal surveys with MoveMan Mobile, providing you with a professional calculation of the volume and weight of items to be moved.  Improve your sales presentation and professionalism with the brochure feature within MoveMan Mobile, your Windows 8.1 tablet is all you require to take into the survey. Increase communication speed and accuracy as survey summaries can be emailed to the client or office whilst you are on-site (requires an internet connection).
MoveMan Mobile is a sophisticated survey solution for removal companies that can be used completely independently or synchronised with the MoveMan Pro desktop and removals administration systems. The application is free to install and new users can be registered immediately. Each user is charged a monthly subscription for the service which is purchased via the Windows Store once the user has logged in.
Add appointments for the surveys to be undertaken with access and parking details (these are synchronised from MoveMan Pro if using our desktop and cloud administration systems). From the appointment diary a link to Bing Maps provides route guidance.
By default, the system is pre-loaded with a standard set of rooms and items you expect to find in each room. When the survey is being carried out just choose the type of room that is being surveyed, change the name of room if required, then simply swipe up and down the list of standard items and add the items as required. Also up to 3 photos of each room can be recorded.
If necessary more detail can be recorded about each item such as its specific dimensions, insurance value, condition and the default volume and weight can be adjusted if this item doesn’t match the standard. Also each item can be set to show the service to be applied to it such as export wrap or client to pack etc… A photo of each item can also be taken to record the condition or to highlight a particularly important item. Notes can also be taken for each item to record details of damage or particular care that needs to be taken with the item.
At any point during the survey a brochure view can be opened so that photos of your services such as export wrapping, containerised storage etc… can quickly and easily be shown to the potential clients.
A customisable risk assessment sheet can also be filled in as part of the survey to ensure any health and safety risks are recorded.

At the end of the survey a summary of the items to be moved can be shown and optionally the client and surveyor can sign this. Reports grouping the items by room, service type, mode etc… can be printed or emailed.

To get the app simply visit the Microsoft Store and search 'MoveMan Mobile'.